Setting your Travel Budget

I love Google spreadsheets for keeping my travel spending organized.  I keep a running tally of each trip, so I know how much its costing me.  My spreadsheets include Flights, Accommodations, and Transportation (FAT).


I don’t include food or museum/entertainment in my FAT budget.  Why?  Because even when we are home we have to eat, and we end up spending about the same on groceries as when we are traveling.  We may eat out a few more times than at home, but on the other hand, I’m not paying for camp lunch fees, nor am I going out drinking with girlfriends, or enjoying expensive ladies lunches.  So there you go.


As for entertainment, again, if we were home I would be spending money on various daily activities and entertainment.  And since I work when I’m home, usually the kids would be in camp.  In San Francisco where we live, a decent day camp would run about $300-$400 PER CHILD per week.  So, that right there is about $4000 for two kids.  That is a more museum passes, amusement parks, shows, and concerts than I could ever see on my trips.


I’ve just finalized the last part of our  2017 summer European trip in which we will tour England, Spain, France, Norway and Iceland over 5 weeks.   I wanted to share where the money went, and how I decided where to go.  See my next blog post for a step by step accounting of how I booked my trip!



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